Still No Fishing Lure Retrievers for Underwater Drones

Eternal Angler

I have to say I'm a little disappointed in these underwater drone companies, it's like they have no imagination....?

I mean there's already videos popping up of drone pilots recovering tackle boxes and fishing lures... It's been a year, you would think they would have come out with a lure retriever by now to stick on the claw of any of these underwater drones, then they could market them towards fishermen, especially musky fishermen where lost fishing lures cost upwards of $20-$100 dollars a pop. I'm really counting on QYSEA, because if you look at the endless selection of accessories for the Fifish V6 Expert and Fifsih Pro V6 Plus... If a company were to do it, I think it would be them.

QYSEA have come out with a hook retriever to attach to heavy objects, I'm still dumbfounded that Chasing Innovation hasn't come out with something like that yet? Not really chasing innovation lately... lol

I was thinking about making my own fishing lure retriever, but I don't have much time, as I'm working a lot of overtime at my job.

I also think Chasing was complete morons for making their handle so cheap, small and weak on the Chasing M2 for lifting heavy objects out of the water, what were they thinking? Complete design flaw! I guess they weren't thinking! The WW2 Treasure Hunter on YouTube lifted like a giant ammo case off a small mountain top with the Fifish V6s... Chasing Innovation dropped the ball in this category!

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