How to Recover Heavy Objects with Underwater Drone Claw

Eternal Angler


As more and more Chasing M2 videos are starting to show up on YouTube, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results. To show off the precision of the M2, this hobbyist had the robotic arm from the Chasing M2 clamp down on a custom tubular hook, he drove the hook over to a tire, wrapped the curved portion around the tire, then pulled the attached rope and dragged the entire tire back to the shoreline. First off, this is super smart and innovative, secondly it's a great way to recover heavy objects without putting strain on your drone's tether or attachment points, along with wearing out your thruster motors. This is just so neat, I'm geeked out from this footage and technology, this was even recently shot in the month of December, in the freezing cold!!! Amazing and so impressive!

I think this might give Chasing Innovation, QYSEA, or Geneinno an idea for more accessories on their underwater drones. Making some sort of retriever or hooking device that the claw can carry, bring it over to the target, let the arm detach, then bring it up with the attached rope. And honestly, when I think about it, QYSEA already has something like this called the special aluminum alloy hook for their commercial underwater drone the Fifish V6 Plus, I had just posted it on with their promotion video! But, all three underwater drone companies need to make something like this for the consumer sector, pronto!

Fifish V6 Plus special aluminum alloy hook to retrieve heavy objects

This has given me a great idea of maybe using some sort of fishing lure retriever, where I could have the claw clamp down on the retriever, then bring it to a fishing lure, get the chains or coil wrapped around the lure and hooks, then use an attached rope to rip it out rather than pulling on the tether or putting strain on the thrusters. Again, maybe Chasing, QYSEA or Geneinno could make this retrieve accessory for their consumer drones equipped with a claw, then they'll be able to market these underwater drones towards fishermen? There's already a bunch load of lure retrievers on the market to choose from, question is, which one works the best. This will definitely make for a great YouTube video when my Chasing M2 gets to the house!

Then there's the thought of just using a robotic arm to clamp around some super strong magnet, take the magnet up to anything metal like a fishing lure, then use the rope attached to pull it back to the surface or shoreline. The best way to find out, is to try these various retrievers, see which works the best... If you find a better retriever, be sure to post it down below!