Fifish V6 Expert Metal Detector

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Whatsup, been a little inactive lately on the forum, but I plan on purchasing a Fifish V6 Expert this upcoming Black Friday. Been working a lot, lots of overtime this year.

Lately I've been amazed with all sorts of add-ons that QYSEA has been introducing for the V6s and Expert, such as the Metal Detector, Sonar, water sampler etc...

I got my eye on that metal detector, since the technology is fairly new, I'm sure it's not that very accurate and what do you do when you come across an object that is metal and you would like to salvage it?

Well since I already own the Chasing M2 that has a claw, I could use the Expert to metal detect and the Chasing M2 to recover some objects, kind of a neat idea I have.

Regardless, I would still love to pick the Expert up and try it out. Austin Vibert from Ghost Gear Disappear posted two videos of the Fifish V6 Expert equipped with the Metal Detector if you want to see what it looks like.

I would say something like the metal detector technology is right up Michael Oliver's alley, surprised he hasn't done a video with this new technology yet for underwater drones and ROVs.



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