Michael Oliver Treasure Hunting with Fifish V6 Expert

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I'm quite surprised that QYSEA didn't give Michael Oliver the metal detector add-on for the Fifish V6 to see if he could treasure hunt for some coins and what not... Maybe that will be saved for a future episode, maybe this was just the beginning.

Anyways, my Dad and I been a big fan of his channel, my father has really enjoyed following Michael Oliver on his treasure hunting expeditions, as well as recovering any type of lost jewelry for beach goers... I'm just suprised it took this long to do an underwater drone video. A few years back he did a video with the NEMO, but that underwater drone wasn't equipped with a claw, so basically he couldn't do any treasure hunting with that drone.

If you haven't noticed, the treasure hunting niche on YouTube is huge!!! Jake from DALLMYD is a very popular channel, coming in at around 13,000,000 million subscribers... I think viewers are very curious on what these treasure hunters will find next, so basically there's no need to do constant click bait thumbnails or titles just to grab people's attention, the curiosity is already there what's going to happen next with this popular niche, WW2 History Hunter is another one!

For both of these guys, they need to be trained and have a certified Diver's license to wear scuba gear etc.... But what if you didn't need that, lets say if you have a underwater drone equipped with a metal detector instead, rather than going through all the training yourself... That would be awesome right?

Just recently another popular YouTuber named Erik Aanderaa was able to test out the Fifish V6 Expert on his popular sailing channel, recovered a few items. I immediately commented about attaching the metal detector, then someone else commented... They thought about coin prospecting with the Fifish V6 Expert, now that would be cool right?


I suspect you would have to use two underwater drones, one to metal detect, another with a strainer of some sort to recover coins. But what if you could incorporate a metal detector and strain on the same drone. Like maybe they can do something similar to a backhoe loader, have a metal detector in front, once you find something, spin around with the strainer in front and shovel it up. Just an idea, QYSEA would have to think up some type of mechanical mechanism on the bottom to spin or change between these two equipped tools. I suspect you could turn a metal detect into a strainer at the same time, but not sure if that would work to well.

Something like this


Some of the items that Michael Oliver recovered and salvaged with the Fifish V6 Expert underwater drone, a plastic water bottle(which is littering our oceans), plastic diving goggles, a dead body of a fish, as well as capturing some neat shots of some Australian fish!

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