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Figured id post this here in case anyone feels squirrely and wants to make some side money.

I am Brian Deatherage owner of Tidal Ai (AUVs Unleashed)

Position Looking to Hire: Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer for Autonomous Drone

Tidal is looking for an engineer with experience developing navigation systems for unattended vehicles such as drones, robots, and the like. The engineer should have solid experience developing and deploying software for common open-source platforms such as PixHawk, ArduPilot, and Mavlink on various drone platforms. Experience with navigation using inertial guidance or other methods such as optical flow is highly desirable. Experience with the underwater navigational system is a plus but general navigation experience will be sufficient. Furthermore, we need an engineer who is comfortable working on their own who can work with internal stakeholders to develop use cases, tests, and the code


Tidal is currently developing low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to be used in several markets. The current system navigations and controls are based around the Pixhawk 4 but the system requires remote operation and this point. We need an engineer to first build software that can manage and control the Pixhawk and other onboard systems via MavLink API. Current sensor input to assist in the navigation of monocular or binocular cameras. One sensor system can provide object avoidance or object following via neural networks with an output direction. This can be modified and is not fixed. Tidal also has an ultrasound sensors system around the AUV that can provide close-range collision detection and provides orientation and distance for the navigation systems. Tidal plans to incorporate other sensors including a monocular camera for simultaneous location and navigation. An understanding of these sorts of systems would be useful. Experience writing software for SLAM or integrating SLAM into navigation systems would be highly desirable.

C++ or/and Python: Journeyman-level experience in either language.
Navigation and control theory
Strong experience with Linux
Experience with embedded systems or small microcomputers like raspberry pi
Experience with Pixhawk or similar platform
Experience with Mavlink or other messaging systems / APIs for navigation and control
Experience with common sensor systems such as cameras, sonar, lidar
Experience with agile or other development methodology

Brian Deatherage
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