Propeller change

Zandor hercules

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Trying to change propeller fifishv6. Seems like there is a spring or something preventing easy removal. This is after removing the blade cap. Please tell me what I'm missing.


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Bluesky Lee

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위 이미지에서
프로펠러 블레이드를 잡아당겨...
쉽게 분리됩니다.
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Could someone translate to English please .
Computer translated :
"in the image above
as it is!!!!
Pull the propeller blades...
It detaches easily."

Zandor hercules

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I wish :( I can pull it away .5cm then it snaps I'm pulling the entire motor assembly or glued...??? I've watched the videos...looks simple. I'm afraid to force it off.
I appreciate all the help. Thx