Preorder and Price of the Fifish V6s on B&H Photo Video

Eternal Angler


First time I've seen the price of the Fifish V6s and it's coming in over three grand, about five hundred more than the Chasing M2. But you do have to consider the base model M2 doesn't include the claw, so with the claw they're priced around the same pretty much. But if you're looking to order the V6s, here's your chance. I'm not sure why QYSEA wouldn't just have a base model separate from the the claw so they could have a cheaper price, then when people save enough money few months from now, they can purchase it. Over three grand is a hefty price in this type of market, considering the whole world is still going through the Corona Pandemic. Hasn't scared me off yet, but I definitely won't be purchasing an V6s anytime soon after seeing that price.