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I am a new owner of a Titan 1, underwater drone, purchased it because I was not able to fly a drone anywhere in my area. So far , I have had test run number one at a lake in my area. I launched it on a nice low dock, swam on top for quite a while , then decided to dive and see what happens, well it went fast to the bottom of the lake, and i lost control of it because it was buried in lake weeds, like the monster from the lagoon. anyway I pulled it in by the tether and cleaned it off. It had got all of two of the thrusts wrapped in real fine fishing line, clogging them . It took me hours to get the line out of the props . Nothing was injured all good . Then I took it out again on number 2 trip to another lake, had a nice long swim , and did some depth hovering, and navigating, a much better trip and less weeds to worry about. I was really having fun. I realize that navigating by compass is hot easy , I was able to do some out of sight navigating, Practice makes perfect , it works real nice , am gong to have fun with it. I was able to go out on a bearing and come back on reverse bearing , Not easy to do but fun to accomplish Was able to go up to a pile and look at it, saw a fish go across the screen. Will get better , hope it lasts. .

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That sucks not being able to fly a drone in your area, even if you can, lot of rules you have to follow and new ones always being made by the FAA. I think an underwater drone is a much safer bet and can get just as fun, if not more fun because of the treasure hunting ability with the robotic arms on these new consumer underwater drones.

Yeah I got wrapped up in some thick rope in the marina twice with my Geneinno T1, I had to take apart the motors remove some of the smaller thread, but it was still like brand new afterwards. I think the T1 is known to have beefier and stronger parts than some of the other underwater drones on the market, especially the outer shell.

Yeah, I'm not sure if they ever updated the software for the compass, but it seems sometimes the compass worked for me, other times it seemed a bit off. But I used it at times and helped me in some of the murky water at the Lake St. Clair marina.

Keep us updated with your dives Salish Sleuth, if ya want share any of your youtube videos on the forum, go for it.

I ended up selling my T1 after I seen the Chasing M2 come out with more features such as replaceable batteries, removable sd card, and lateral movement. Still not sure I will buy the M2 after seeing a new photo of the Geneinno T1 Pro that will supposedly have all the same features of the M2. Along with considering the Fifish V6s after seeing some of the incredible videos showing how stable the V6s with their new claw, I still have to consider QYSEA as well.