List of Stores to Buy ROV Parts?

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Just curious, where do people go to buy their ROV parts mostly? I assume eBay and Amazon are used. But maybe it would be a cool idea to put together a list to help out new enthusiasts, including me, so we all have something to reference.

And I really have a feeling that that a lot of these pre-built drones will be more modifiable in the future, kind of like the Blue ROV2. For instance, the way the new Chasing M2 is looking, there'll be more mounting points to attach more cameras and led lights, along with the port in a bottom to hook up a robotic arm claw.

I have a hunch modifying these pre-built drones will become more popular and I wouldn't be surprised if somehow the DIY ROV community and parts somewhat merge together. Which already seems to be happening! ;)

I've been around muscle cars a good portion of my life, I've seen some people that like to build their cars from the ground up, even restore them and also the car hobbyists that just love to modify them. With time, I'm sure this whole new niche of underwater drones will explode, guaranteed!

I have spoken to quite a few fishermen recently that have no clue that there are 10+ underwater drones on the market currently... But when I talked about what these drones may be able to do for the sport of fishing, like sonar, scoping out new fishing spots by finding fish, and picking up lures from the bottom with a robotic arm. Their ears perked up and wanted to hear more. Just a fresh new hobby that I expect will grow and grow, we're just in the infant stage right now. Going to take some time to bring awareness!
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1. (10) 150A Brushless boat ESC's $40 ($400) eBay
2. (10) GFORCE G46 5055-400kv Brushless Motors $32 ($320) eBay
3. (2) VDSL modem/router combos $40 ($80) used eBay
4. Belden 6500FE 2-Conductor, 22 AWG CMP Foil Shielded Wire, 1000ft $140 eBay
5. Pixhawk Flight Controller w/ Ardusub firmware $60 eBay
6. Raspberry Pi2B+ $40 Robotshop
7. 32 channel ADC w/I2C (topside RaspberryPi input) $40 FERCSA on
8. SSC-32 Servo controller (ROV servos/lights) $40 Robotshop
9. (4) 20 EC3 bullet connectors $6 ($24) eBay
10. (20) Corona DS558HV 14kg servos $11 ($220), (20) Corona 929MG 2.2kg servos $6 ($120) Hobbyking
11. (24) 6V 12ah SLA batteries (18v@96ah x2) $816 Amazon
12. 8-ch DVR $100 Amazon
13. (10) Eachine 1000tvl 110* microcams $15 ($150) Banggood
14. Panasonic SDR-T50 78x zoom Camcorder $50 eBay
15. (20) 624 lumen 12v T10 Led's $23 eBay
16. (2) 7" ID 1/2" wall acrylic hemispheres $140 ($280) (custom)
17. (4) 4" 3/8" wall acrylic hemispheres $40 ($160)
18. (1) 7" ID 3/8" wall steel pipe 4' $100 salvage yard
19. Bar100 1000m depth/pressure sensor (I2C) $250 BlueRobotics
20. Celsius Temp Sensor (I2C) $56
21. 1 gallon Mineral Oil $21 Amazon