Fifish V6s Underwater Drone Recovers WW2 Artifacts Luftwaffe Plate

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Just like this YouTuber WW2HistoryHunter said, I'm being more and more impressed with the items you can find at the bottom of waterways with an underwater drone such as the QYSEA Fifish V6s. He's recovered two egg hand grenades, 20 millimeter for the anti-aircraft guns, even some antique bottles with the actual dates from 1943 World War 2 era. In this episode though, WW2HistoryHunter was able to find some incredible German Luftwaffe plates from 1941. He even made the brilliant idea of using a custom net he made with a thin blue rope, to just drop the plate in the net, and pull it up. That way he doesn't risk dropping the plate when bringing it up and damaging it. How much does a Luftwaffe plate from the World War 2 era cost, well you can see what a Luftwaffe plate costs on Ebay!!! Pretty impressive?


And if you haven't noticed, the WW2HistoryHunter has equipped his Fifish V6s with a parallel gripper!



I suspect one day, an underwater drone owner is going to find something absolutely priceless and make he or she a millionaire... As I always say, we're still at the tip of the iceberg with this technology folks, let your imagination run wild.

Recently I talked about on our Facebook Page how important it would be to go comb an area after a popular event at a lake such as Jobbie Nooner, but how important could a fish finder be, to find wreckage of an old boat, then send your underwater drone down there to pick up intricate items near that location. Rather than just navigating around aimlessly... I'll have to pickup a really nice Humminbird fish finder that has quality side finding technology this year at Bass Pro or Cabelas.

I'm really just blown away, this was such a fun video to watch as well, not just the recovery of the plates, but the narration makes super exciting as well... If you think about it, he's making money treasure hunting recovering the antique plates, he's making money off his google adsense ads in his video, if he made an affiliate link in the description of his youtube video to Luftwaffe Plates on ebay, he could be making "3" different incomes if ya think about it. Can't wait to see what this YouTuber finds in future videos... That was such an exciting adventure!

Before and after pictures...





Future is here, jump on board!!!!
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