Fifish V6s ROV Recovers Phantom Drone

Eternal Angler


Another Fifish V6s video I was quite fond of from watching last night was this one where RCSparks Studio recovers his phantom drone he lost in a pond from "six" years ago, it took him almost all the battery power to find it, but he managed to do so at the very end. Turned out to be a great salvage, just too bad the micro sd card wouldn't work in his laptop afterwards, I guess after being in water for that long, all the contact points were rusted and he had to clean them. He also gave one great tip when doing a search and rescue, it seems to better have your lights turned off because when you're doing the search, when the lights are on kind of looks like a blizzard and you can't see anything. Probably why it's better to have your lights further away from your camera, kind of like these new light arms for the Chasing M2. Problem is, you'll be using the port down below for the lights, so you won't be able to hook up the claw. But still, if you like filming fish at night, it's a great mod for the M2. They should come out with some similar light arms for the Fifish V6 and V6s!