Fifish V6s Broken Claw

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Reported by one Fifish V6s owner that their robotic arm claw broke under 2 hours of use, definitely doesn't give me a lot of confidence in this underwater drone. Especially after that owner said QYSEA didn't replace it for him and he had to buy a new claw for $600. Doesn't seem right, considering there's gotta be a warranty, maybe more to this story.

This goes back to the propeller blades wearing down just after a few dives of sucking up some seaweed and gravel, the Fifish needs to be made tougher. The claw on the Fifish V6s looked pretty tough, now I have my doubts!

Each part on the Fifish V6s has it's own duration of warranty.
You can read about QYSEA's limited warranty here, seems as though each part on the Fifish V6s has it's own duration of warranty or no warranty at all. Considering I know a lot of these hobbyists sometimes wait months before even using their underwater drone because of not having enough free time from work, family, and having to go out their way to drive out to a pond, lake, or ocean to use them. An underwater drone is just not the same thing as an aerial drone where you can basically pilot them right in your own backyard. Then there's the fact that certain seasons suck for underwater drone use due to water clarity conditions.

I suspect his Fifish V6s must of been passed his warranty or whatever situation he used it for, must of voided his warranty. Truly does suck, but I had to post this so Fifish V6s owners are aware, best of luck everyone!





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Hello! Can you help to connect with this user?
For engineering work, I need a top of broken arm and would like to contact the owner to make a purchase.
I need only this part


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Hi! My robotic arm shows strange symptoms. It's almost impossible to make it move. But when the arm comes to life it can work for hours. If I turn the drone off and try to start it again without moving or touching anything the arm doesn't respond. The problem has become worse and now I have to do something. The cable and the connector doesn't seem to be the problem. Is this a sign of a leak, what do you think?


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Update, it WAS the cable very close to the plug. Let's see if Qysea can deliver a plug. Soldering will be very difficult, too small space.


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How did you disassemble the claw? I.e. how do you remove the guts to outside cylinder as in the above pictures?

Thank you.