Sneaking Up on Bird Underneath Ice with Underwater Drone

Eternal Angler


Interesting thought, you can probably capture some cool underwater shots of birds both softwater and hardwater conditions with an underwater drone. I couldn't help myself, I had accidentally cracked the ice by surfacing too fast with the Chasing M2, then a light bulb went off. Let me see if I can go spook this seagull by cracking the ice underneath it's feet. Water was so murky at Lake St. Clair Metropark, couldn't see anything, so I thought can't have any fun underneath the water, so lets have some fun up top!

Just a warning, this is hardwater icy conditions, there's a barrier between me and the bird, you would never want to do this in softwater conditions because the feet, parts of wings or feathers could get caught in the thrusters. However, again, you could capture some cool underwater shots of the birds in softwater conditions, like their feet paddling, like this beautiful video here in Estonia.

I have seen some cool underwater shots of birds with underwater drones, but it's always good to keep your distance in softwater conditions. And never go anywhere near endangered species with your underwater drone. Stay safe and have fun!