Robotic Arm Claw for Chasing Dory

Eternal Angler


If you thought Thomas Eichhorn and Ketil's custom claw for the Gladius Mini was neat, you're going to love Erhan's claw for the Chasing Dory. Remember the Dory is a lot more economical and cheaper in price if you're limited on funds, it's one of those underwater drones that anyone can afford. It's just so neat that someone is making a custom robotic arm / claw for the Dory as well. The claw blends in so well with the Dory that it almost looks stock, like Chasing Innovation actually made this for the Dory. I bet Chasing Innovation is pretty impressed, if I were Chasing I'd think about buying the design and rights of that claw off of Erhan, sersiously, the claw looks so professionally done.

Now I'm not so sure you're going to be able to pickup anything very big with the Dory, but I could see hobbyists like treasure hunters being able to pick up small items like lost gold diamond rings at the bottom, lost car keys, or even a watch or sun glasses. I mean even though these items are small, they still hold some serious value. I think Erhan has a big hit on his hands, be sure to join the Official Chasing Owners Group for more details, as Erhan keeps updating us with information on there. You can find his posts by using the search box and keywords "Erhan" or "claw dory." Even contact him here, I think aftermarket claws are going to become very valauble to this hobby... Just like aftermarket exhaust systems are to sports cars... I think in the future just about every underwater drone will have a port like the Chasing M2 and Fifish V6s, imagine what else you'll be able to attach down there? Maybe another action camera like a gopro, sonar, 3d mapping device, metal detector, let your imagination run wild, we're still in the infant stage with this technology.