QYSEA Needs to Sell V6s Seperately from Claw

Eternal Angler


Poll on UnderwaterROVCommunity, I suspect the V6s would be up there
if it was sold seperately without the claw.

Shoutout to QYSEA, I seen a recent post in the Underwater ROV Community of a hobbyist comparing a Chasing M2 to the Geneinno T1. Why not a Fifish V6s? Well, I suspect because it's not in the same price range, the V6s is only being sold in a combo kit at a much higher price. If they can bring down the price by selling the V6s separately, get it in the same price range of the Chasing M2, I think it would help out their sales significantly. I know a lot of people in the car industry that buy a sports car stripped of leather seats, automatic shifter, and power windows, then after 6 months or a year of saving money, they'd make an upgrade such a catback exhaust, aftermarket filter, maybe even cam/head package or supercharger. That's just how hobbyists think, especially if they can save some money, even if it's a few hundred dollars. And with the economic recession and people living pay check to pay check, it would be more reasonable for those type of people as well. Just an idea, I suspect this is one of the major reasons why this Facebook user is only comparing the Chasing M2 to the Geneinno T1. And truth is, this user is comparing a T1, an older generation of drone to a newer generation of drone such as the M2. So he's really comparing apples and oranges, considering the M2 has replaceable batteries and sd card slot. Really, the Geneinno T1 Pro should be comparable to the M2, but it's a lot more money, maybe why he left the T1 Pro and V6s out! Shoutout to Geneinno as well, the T1 Pro needs to be a comparable price to the M2, lot more money than the M2.