How Many Underwater Fish Species? Chasing M2 at Lake St. Clair

Eternal Angler


So how many fish do you count at Lake St. Clair? I did this in one single dive with the Chasing M2 at little under 40% battery left, it's absolutely amazing! I was in a rush to go pickup my friend Arcasting to do a smallmouth bass fishing video, managed to pull out a 4 pound 11 ounce smallmouth all in the same day at Lake St. Clair. They don't call it Broneback Paradise for nothing!

Imagine if I had bought another battery, how much footage I could capture. I sure hope with time Chasing Innovations brings down the prices of the Chasing M2 batteries, still a bit out of my price range. I have to say, the Chasing M2 has exceeded all my expectations, despite dealing with the broken battery clip which is a minor obstacle, I think this underwater drone is top notch, can't wait to get out to Lake St. Clair to do another dive again from my boat.

Spring time is one of the best times to film with an underwater drone, the weeds are down, just starting to sprout up, you get to see all the types of different structure at the bottom for instance if you're looking to use the grabber claw to pick a few things up. I actually saw a fishing lure called a tube bait snagged to something, if I had my claw with me, I would of tried picking it up, but I was waiting to do some extra sealant protection to my claw before using it again.



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