Gladius Mini Upgraded?

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019

It was just announced September 4th that Chasing Innovation has recently upgraded the Gladius Mini, now what does that mean? You can take a lot of guesses, some people thought it meant meant they have activated the SD card port. Someone thought their was an firmware or app upgrade, which if I think if it pertained to software they would usually would refer to this as an "update" not an upgrade.

I can't say too much, as I did catch wind of this upgrade a few months ago talking to CMO Jacky Yang, but it will be a big hardware upgrade for the Gladius Mini. Looking forward to a future announcement explaining the new features!

Remote Pilots Australia

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Nov 5, 2020
Has there been any further information on this come to light?

I have a feeling that the Gladius Mini I received today may be an "upgrade" model as it differs in a few key areas to any I have seen reviews on and I can't find one like it mentioned on the web so far.

Mine came with no base station and the tether connects directly from the ROV to the controller. The controller has a markedly different device holder from any I have seen pictured having a metal arm pivoting from the top of the controller rather than the rear and having a device holder that adjusts in three directions for size but can not be swivelled from landscape to portrait position as the one you normally see pictured can. There is also a HDMI connector on the controller rear itself. There does not appear to be a micro sd card slot on the controller.

Being a total new comer to these machines I'm not sure what else might differ from the original Mini and the documentation is probably the weakest part of the package. Some of the items in the diagrams are incorrectly labelled or seem to reflect the older model.

As I mentioned in my first post here, mine seems to have shipped without a fresh water ballast weight. Hopefully they'll be able to provide me with one from the retailer and I will not need to return the whole package because it's on charge now with an aim to being baptised in the ocean tomorrow. :D

Now I need to research correct maintenance techniques when taking it out of the salt which I gather from a quick read to be a lengthy voyage around the bat tub in fresh water and silicon spray into the motor assemblies which fortunately I have on hand here at home.




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Nov 19, 2020
Hi,yes,gladius got updated,controller is now also base station,firmware got updated so there is no need for Freshwater weight,Seawater weight comes already attached to mini and it will work in fresh water without any problems...