Gladius Mini S Unboxing

Eternal Angler


So I received a free Gladius Mini S from a company in the mail, pretty excited, now I have two drones to get underwater footage, that means twice the underwater footage of filming fish. I do plan on buying a 200Wh spare battery for my Chasing M2 soon, but this will help me get some extra footage when I go out fishing for now. Plus I think it's going to be cool, having a drone to film another drone for a 3rd person view. I think that'll be neat!

I think for the most part, the Mini S is still a little more stable when turning and navigating around compared to the Chasing M2, but I won't be able to follow fish in a lateral like movement with the Mini S. I'm still quite interested in using this with filming fish though, be interesting to compare the two. I have a hunch, that 5 thrusters compared to 8 thrusters might be a plus for hunting down Esox like pike and musky. Apex Predators don't like to be hunted, they are the hunters lol We'll see...

Either way, pretty darn excited to just get out and use the Gladius Mini S, always wanted a Mini after seeing what phenomenal footage it can produce. What's nice though about this new model is the longer battery life from 2 to 4 hours, now has a port down below to add a claw, as well as micro SD card port. I think the Mini is one of the most hydrodynamic underwater drones on the market, travels through the water very swift and smoothly, glad to see Chasing Innovations raise the bar with this underwater drone.

I also recently bought some Yuneec FPV goggles on Ebay to improve navigating and cut down on sun glare, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to use these on my main lake because the waves get a bit rough on Lake St. Clair and I have motion sickness, so I also bought me a Hoodman Aviator Sun Hood for those rougher days.
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