Gladius Mini... freshwater troubles


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Jun 21, 2020
So if you're kind of new to the underwater drone world, be aware that a simple thing such as fishing line could get caught up in your propellers, wrap around around your thruster motor and damage your motor. Already happened to some fishermen on YouTube OriginaldoBo. I'm honestly surprised a lot of these drone companies haven't prepared for difficulties like this from the get go [...] I know others like Stan Adam has reported that the Gladius Mini props slice right through weeds no problem.
Just starting to play with my new Gladius Mini and my first two attempts in a freshwater pond ended up with:
a) propellers clogged with weeds or gravel in no time (nope, no slicing through)
b) unit stuck in a fishing line
c) cable stuck in lily pad roots (had to go swim 10 feet under water to go get it)
d) such issues led me multiple times to get the drone out of water by dragging the cable...

I explicitly chose the Gladius Mini not only for its good reviews, but also because the propellers seemed more protected inside the main body of the drone than other models... Well, not a good bet.

I am a little stunned that Gladius didn't perform any basic beta tests in freshwater. The cable should have a second attachment point, so that when you drag it, it doesn't pull on the connector... There should be an option to protect the propellers... Sigh.
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