Fifish V6s Claw Recovers Bicycle Handle Bars at Budd Bay Washington

Eternal Angler


So despite using some Plasti Dip to add an extra level of leak proof protection to my Chasing M2 claw, I still have one problem, how cheap that tiny buckle bracket is on my Chasing M2 for pulling up heavier items like this Fifish V6s owner did here with these bicycle handle bars at Budd Bay Washington. I mean WW2 History Hunter was able to pickup a super heavy WW2 ammo canister with the V6s, highly doubtful the Chasing M2 can do that with it's tiny stock buckle bracket, I'm sure with a modification of a metal bracket attached to the metal accessory rails, this could be sovled! I'm surprised that no aftermarket company making parts for the M2 has done this yet, as well as a metal battery clip.

I don't think the Chasing M2 would be able to consistently lift
a kettlebell out of the water without that cheap tiny buckle bracket breaking.

I wanted replaceable batteries and a removable sd card slot, so V6s was a bit of a deal breaker for me, but I have to say this video is downright impressive, the V6s is a solid underwater drone and honestly, I think it's much more stable than the Chasing M2. Now I do have to say, the M2 is a new platform, first gen, so it does have some time to improve. The V6s is basically the 2nd gen to the traditional V6, so I know QYSEA has been making improvements with the software algorithm on the thruster motors to smooth out traveling.

It really is a tough decision which underwater drone to buy, because both the Chasing M2 and Fifish V6s are top notch in my opinion! Now despite not having replaceable batteries, QYSEA does have an onshore power supply system that can keep your Fifish V6s charging at all times even when in-use, but problem is, that power supply system costs $3599, actually more than the underwater drone itself.

Fifish V6s Onshore Power Supply