Fifish V6 Metal Detector..

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Fifish V6 Metal detector...
The price on eBay is $560. The price posted on a regular shopping mall is about $300. But, I don't think I'll buy it. Because it's a simple LED dot-by-point signal to tell you whether metal is detected... In other words, it's because the metal detector is functionally very simple. If it sells for more than $500 on Qysea, it's expensive, and if it's about $300, I think it's a very reasonable price. There are several types of underwater metal detectors for general use. Low-cost Chinese-made products that imitate famous products cost less than $100. It is rated for a 30 meter dive.
A product from a well-known company like Scuba Tekter costs between $200 and $300.
Naturally, the self-charging function, more detailed functions, the quality finish is good, and the diving rating is 60 meters. I decided. You can install a metal detector without removing the gripper. Qysea's genuine metal detector requires you to remove the gripper and install it in its place. Rov Operated by built-in battery. Rov usage time is shorter.

It should be noted that a typical underwater metal detector is powered by a Rov battery.
independently because it is not used
It has the advantage of being usable. (It's cheap and...
Whether it is attached to the Rov body by rolling it up with box tape or fixing it with screws, it is up to each user to decide how to fix it... 😅)
There are also fun ways to DIY your own metal detector for just a few bucks.
Come on!! The bottom line is that Qysea has not yet opened the selling price of a genuine metal detector. market (field)
I don't even know if I'm looking at the liver. Don't set unreasonable selling prices
I just wish.
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