Deep Trekker Revolution vs Fifish w6


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After looking for specs of the Fifish w6 on Japanese websites with questionable translations from google translate, I realized that the Deep Trekker Revolution may have better specs than the Fifish w6. Costing almost 40000$ there is no question that almost anyone can afford it except maybe big inspection firms. It costs almost twice as much as the Fifish w6. The Deep Trekker Revolution is basically the same as the Fifish w6. A 8-hour replaceable battery, 305 Meter maximum depth or 1000 feet maximum depth, 6 Roters with Omni movement, sonar, 3,5 knots speed, lasers for distance measuring, it does not come with 2 cameras though. They do have brighter lights than the Fifish w6 with 11800 lumens, instead of the 10000 lumens of the Fifish w6, live 4k recording, so if the ROV disappears you would still have the full quality Video and not a 720p or 1080p live feed Video, you can buy optional sensors that can detect different chemicals in the water like chlorine and other chemicals or biological substances and optional clamps for different tasks and other attachments. Its camera also has a 260 degrees FOV. And it comes with a maximum tether length of 800 Meters or about 2625 feet. And it features GPS and its compatible with Google Maps to see where the ROV is in the water, I am not sure how the GPS would work underwater, a hydrophone(an underwater microphone) and a normal overwater microphone to record your own sound for the ROV video and it has support for 4k video goggles. The controller is waterproof, it features a 7-inch display, and it has USB, HDMI, Ethernet and SD Ports so you could have the 4k live feed record to a 4k TV in full quality. And it doesn't have any Wifi connection so the latency is almost zero and there are no artefacts from a bad Wifi connection to your display at all.

If for some kind of miracle reason somebody gave me the choice of having the Fifish w6 or the Deep Trekker Revolution I would chose the Deep Trekker Revolution. I find both amazing though and I would love to buy them if they weren't priced like new cars.
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