Bunch of Underwater Videos of the Fifish V6S in action with Claw

Eternal Angler


So I recently contacted a representative to see if QYSEA has an affiliate program to financially benefit the forum and I told them how interested I'm in purchasing the Fifish V6s and how I was pretty impressed with seeing this video of the V6S in action, how I cancelled my order on the Chasing M2, they responded with a link to of over 25 different videos of the V6S navigating around the ocean equipped with the claw, they said go ahead download and watch them, if you click on them you can of course watch them. This may be something that all you guys may be interested in! @new_guy @DarknessFalls @Seabot @SeattleRingHunter @tomanuk @Deep 6 @Zhenya88 @Phantom4K

We may have a forum just filled with Fifish owners if I decide to Purchase a V6S :ROFLMAO: