Thrusters for stability and up/down stuck.


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Just got my Mini. I have tried it three times in clear brackish water two times. Maybe 15-20 minutes. Today I tried it again I sweet water and the thrusters for up/down control as well as the tilting thruster isn't working at all. Cant move propeller by hand even. Is it even possible that the thrusters have rusted in this short time? I have rinsed it well every time I sweet water.
Any suggestions on what to do? Warranty? I could dissemble the drone but not sure if warranty is covered if I do?

Cheers everybody! J.

Rafal Pijanski

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If you cannot move the thrusters by hand - it is very bad.
Maybe sand got there?
If it was corrosion, it would be a good idea to move it
When I had to dismantle the Mini and one of the thrusters for the first time, I realized how poor they are.
Now I try to dry them thoroughly and blow them with air and sprinkle them with a spray with some lubricant.
Leaving the propellers wet is guaranteed corrosion.
Some unscrew one screw in the rotor and thus have the opportunity to deliver lubricant inside.
The propellers themselves are the worst part of the Mini.
I bought a set of all engines for the Mini just in case ... but now I plan to buy a completely different one with a different corrosion-resistant design and completely remove the casing because it is unnecessary.
I know it won't cheer you up, but they all have the same trouble.
For such money, they could really produce better propellers.


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Damn it.
So sad to hear that the quality is what it is...
I just returned it and hopefully it will be covered by warranty.... Not sure though. I thought it would be better quality since I have used it only for twenty minutes... We will see I guess. Thanks for answering. Cheers, J