Narration vs Music for Underwater Drone Videos

Which is More Preferred when Watching Underwater Drone Video?

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I wonder what the majority of the public thinks is more fond of listening to while watching underwater drone footage, music or narration? I came across this one guy's channel while surfing youtube for underwater drone videos, I have to say, I really enjoyed watching his narrated videos. I'm learning things about the ecosystem instead of just watching standard underwater footage, which can get boring after awhile, depending what's being filmed.

I almost get a similar feel of watching his footage to the lets play gaming videos on YouTube, which can be quite enjoyable to watch. Make sure you subscribe to this guy's channel, he's got a lot of great videos of the Gladius Mini, even tips on repairing the underwater drone. I think he said his old major was biology and switched to being a chemist, so he knows quite a bit about oceanography. While I somewhat know freshwater fish and plant life, I don't know much about the ocean, I'm learning a lot by just watching his videos!

So we'll take a poll, let some of you guys decide which you prefer for your underwater drone videos I'm really torn between music and narration... I assume it would be cool to have some sound of water/motors at a low tone with the narration or music of your underwater videos to get a realistic affect, I should of made an option for that. Not a lot of underwater drones come with a microphone, I know the Geneinno T1 once did. You could always just add a GoPro 9 to your underwater drone for extra sound, right? I may do that once my Chasing M2 gets here, try out different things.



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When I watch such videos, I prefer to have soft music playing in the background, but most importantly, not too loud because sometimes I can't watch the video because of the loud music. Such videos seem very interesting to me, as I have been wake surfing for a long time, and it was always interesting to know what is happening under the water. The world's oceans are only a few percent studied, and I think that in the future, people will find even more unusual creatures in the oceans. I hope they will be harmless.
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