Lake Monster Ogopogo Hunting with Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone

Eternal Angler

Pretty cool idea, this new T1 Pro owner has decided to start a new youtube channel for lake monster hunting, like the Ogopogo in British Columbia Lakes. Remind you, the Geneinno T1 Pro is the deepest running consumer based underwater drone on the market in it's class, so obviously this hobbyist has done his homework. The M2 Pro can go 490 feet deep, but it's $2k more! The depth rating is one of the most beneficial features of the T1 Pro, I think it's going to be very beneficial on getting down to the deep depths where Ogopogo may lurk. The T1 Pro also comes with all sorts of different upgrades such as a laser scaler, external camera, water quality detector and even omni scan sonar.

I run a youtube channel myself and now how content is kind of king, so I'm not sure how many videos they'll be able to capture of Ogopogo, I run into tough times finding content when I'm casting for musky at Lake St. Clair, a fish of 10,000 casts. But I wish them best of luck trying to get footage of Ogopogo. Maybe the sonar can help hunt the lake monster down.

Other upgrades the T1 Pro has is a better sensor, going to a 1/2.3" from 1/2.5". I think even the new versions of the T1 have been upgraded with a better sensor, which will allow for better viewing during deep expeditions where it gets pretty dark. There's an 4 hour run time even 8 hours if you go with the extra battery. But I think the one thing he's not going to like is, how the tether gets wrapped around the thruster arms every so often, that can be very annoying when navigating, I went through it with the T1. So far these are the only videos I've seen of the T1 Pro on Youtube, be sure to subscribe to his channel.

Also get your first look at the new robotic arm which looks a lot lighter, compared to the old robotic arm that I've heard had buoyancy problems and weighing down the T1, making it lean forward.