Remote Pilots Australia

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Nov 5, 2020
Thanks for the add.

I’m a semi retired commercial remote pilot. If it’s got rotors or wings I can fly it and instruct for it as well but I’m totally new to underwater ROVs and to this forum. I’m really looking forward to something new.

i’ve must today taken delivery of a Gladius mini. I know there are better machines out there n-w days but at the price point here in Australia I feel it’s a good entry point to learn the ropes, maybe grab a little footage for social media and perhaps upgrade mid next year.

i have an idea that mine is one of the new “upgraded” models as the package contents differ from what I see in most reviews. Sadly it also seems to have shipped without a fresh water ballast so I’m nit sure wether to go ahead with my first use tomorrow or hold off incase they ask me to return it *shrug*

I’ll be reading over the forums over the coming days and I’m sure I’ll have some questions. I’ll try not to be too much of a pain.

Thanks in advance