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  1. Eternal Angler

    Chasing Now Taking Orders on the M2 Underwater Drone

    Well I just say screw it and purchased a Chasing M2 from today, lol, I need to get the ball rolling with some underwater videos on my youtube channel. I recently did an underwater video of filming some bluegill beds at Kent Lake in Milford Michigan with my GoPro 5, why I used the...
  2. Eternal Angler

    List Underwater Drones with Claw Robotic Arm

    Awesome Will, yeah I see Geneinno posted a photo of the new updated arm claw on Facebook and Instagram! Don't be afraid to upload photos on the forum, just hit the "insert image button" up above. Glad to finally have you on the forum, I was wonder when you were going to register, about time!
  3. Eternal Angler

    Unboxing Video of the Chasing M2 Underwater Drone

    Get a closer view of the Chasing M2 with all it's new features in this video, by the looks of it, the Chasing M2 looks a lot more compact in this video than the others, doesn't look as big.
  4. Eternal Angler

    Chasing Now Taking Orders on the M2 Underwater Drone

    Awesome Phantom4k, let me know how it goes, I probably won't get a new underwater drone till the end of the year sadly. I ended up getting a new hobie kayak, but I still plan on getting the M2 I think, would love to hear about the maneuverability. I expect there to be a more learning curve with...
  5. Eternal Angler

    Seaweed Stuck in Underwater Drone Propellers & Thrusters

    Yeah that looks a kit with better grips!
  6. Eternal Angler

    Ich werde auch Ihren Greifer zu diesem Beitrag hier hinzufügen...

    Ich werde auch Ihren Greifer zu diesem Beitrag hier hinzufügen.
  7. Eternal Angler

    Treten Sie diesen beiden Unterwasserdrohnengruppen auf Facebook bei und fügen Sie Ihr Video...

    Treten Sie diesen beiden Unterwasserdrohnengruppen auf Facebook bei und fügen Sie Ihr Video hinzu. Underwater Drones, ROV, Scooter - Underwater ROV Community - Es gibt natürlich Twitter...
  8. Eternal Angler

    Gladius Mini ferngesteuerter Greifer

    Ich sehe dich Deutsch sprechen Thomas, super !!! Willkommen im Forum, froh dich zu haben, das ist ein großartiges Video, das du von dem Gladius Mini gepostet hast, der eine Phantom-Luftdrohne rettet, unglaublich! Lass die Videos kommen, poste alles, was du willst!
  9. Eternal Angler

    Chasing Now Taking Orders on the M2 Underwater Drone

    Chasing Innovations is now taking orders on the new M2, you can also buy it at Urban Drones. Can't wait to see what hobbyists say about the M2 once the reviews start flowing in....
  10. Eternal Angler

    Underwater Drone Robotic Arm Claw Prototypes

    Here's some shots of Ketil's robotic arm claw in the prototype development stage for the Gladius Mini.
  11. Eternal Angler

    Price Drop on Chasing Dory - $423.83 6AVE Electronics is selling a Chasing Dory for $423.83 on, only one left, so get your chance to own a cool lightweight transportable ROV for your underwater expeditions!
  12. Eternal Angler

    Gladius Mini for $856 Someone is selling a brand spankin new Gladius Mini for $856 on the website I can't say I've ever heard of this site, but I guess it's some sort of new selling app. Might be a good opportunity to get a new Mini at a pretty good discount...
  13. Eternal Angler

    GM0001 Gladius Mini for $89? - Scam lol, this has got to be a scam site, selling Gladius Mini for $89? This site has even bought Google Adsense ads... If that's the case, I'll take...
  14. Eternal Angler

    Chasing M2 Pre-Sale Starts May 28 2020

    Well so much for the launch of the Chasing M2 in May, looks like it will be postponed till the end of the month, basically next month. I had a feeling that they weren't going to make the launch date!
  15. Eternal Angler

    GoPro Mounted on BW Space Pro Underwater Drone

    If you're looking for the absolute best video quality for your BW Space Pro underwater drone, why not mount a GoPro 8, that hypersmooth 2.0 will definitely help stabilize your shaky underwater video footage. Really cool shot of a sunset!
  16. Eternal Angler

    BW Space Pro Showing Off LED Lights in Deep Dark Water

    Just an awesome shot of the BW Space Pro showing off the lighting on the BW Space Pro, I could never really find what lumens there lights are rated at, but it sure looks good in the deep dark water. Is this the ocean or a lake?
  17. Eternal Angler

    Ketil's Custom Skids for Gladius Mini

    Ketil has designed one of the most cleanest custom skids for the Gladius Mini, I wonder if he's going to be selling these skids with his claw for the Mini? He could do a package deal for Gladius Mini owners.
  18. Eternal Angler

    Ketil's Custom Robotic Arm for Gladius Mini

    Looks like Ketil's been busy, last December I posted a photo of his Gladius Mini custom robotic arm, now it seem he's constructed an even more advanced claw for the Gladius Mini and actually posted the 3D model layout on his Facebook page. Not sure when this claw is going to be for sale, but...
  19. Eternal Angler

    So I decided to make a storage case for my V6

    Dude that's mega cool! Now I know what case to buy, I love modifying and making things myself as well. Very sharp, looks stock, as if QYSEA is selling these for mass production!
  20. Eternal Angler

    Something I came across in the original V6 product video.

    Dude that's wicked, just so many fishermen are clueless about this new technology and how it's going to be helpful for the sport. I just can't wait to hear from Fifish owners about the new developments such as the claw, the mapping, even that active distance lock system.